About US




Changing the way how people used to buy the electronics


Access on the technology on the demand

We are based on the demand of the public, we advertise the product on our platform with the all the details of the product. We advertise that product all over the Australia. When some one purchase it, we buy from our supplier and charge commission on it.



Delivering the Technology faster

Customer will order from our website and then we approach our suppliers to pack down the product. Next day our representative collect the product from suppliers and pays him as per the contract then ship it to customer with in 2 business days. More over We take care of the delivery charges.




Helping the business move a head with us

We help other business to earn profit with us as we charge the commission if we will be able to sell your product on our platform other wise there are no charges to sign up with us and post your products on our website.






Simplify the technology to get around

As our platform is online we have make the website so simple to navigate that, no one will lost in it. Every thing has been put on the prospect as per the section and easily access to the customers.